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                                            Welcome to the Web World of Author Fritz Franke

I am pleased that you chose to visit. You won’t find any bells and whistles on this website. I’m a writer, not a web developer. But on a shoe string budget, one has to learn to do everything. 

The Chosen One has been a load of fun and the phenomena of the Savior Project keeps rolling on. Chris Gates is about as real as you get. From his own Facebook page and fan club to his soon to be discovered ability to hack into advanced technology, he will be keeping us on the edge of our seats throughout the whole series. Can you imagine getting updated on Twitter from where he’s going? And where’s that you ask? Click on the links below and find out. Please visit the series website, www.saviorproject.com, and the website of Chris Gates, www.saviorproject.net to find out how to get some answers.

Of course, all of the answers are in the book.
The paperback is only 7.99 and the ebook is just 2.99. Please go to the LINKS page to find out how to get the book and read this amazing.

... and take a moment to watch the book trailer for The Chosen One. Just click on the book below.